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Vaccination in pregnancy

American college of obstetrician and gynaecologist (ACOG) recommendations are –During pregnancy women should receive tetanus toxoid injection in second trimester of pregnancy and acellular pertussis (T dap) vaccine to all pregnant women during each pregnancy between 27 week to 36 weeks of gestation which provides highest possible protection against pertussis to new born at birth. There is certain level of fear amongst pregnant women on getting the flu shot, but it is an inactivated vaccine and absolutely safe and effective in preventing flu. When administered, it passively immunises the neonate by transferring maternal antibodies through placenta, thus protecting the baby from flu related complication

If you experience any signs or symptoms, then kindly visit your doctor immediately. Dr.Renu Kapur, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician of Noida hold more than 14 years of experience in treating patients. She listens to all the details very carefully and always advises the best treatment. Her priority has always been to take care of her patients.

Painless labour during normal vaginal delivery

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