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Hysteroscopy can be defined as the procedure to look inside woman’s uterus when symptoms like abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain start to show inside the body. The process is done using a hydroscope which is inserted into the vagina. This helps the doctor to see the cervix inside the uterus and let the doctor see what is causing a problem.

Hysteroscopy - A Complete Procedure

Like every other thing, hysteroscopy has a complete procedure and to prepare you for the hysteroscopy, your doctor might give you anesthesia to calm you down. The entire procedure is done in the same order:

1. To open your vagina, your doctor might use a device called speculum.
2. Once the vagina is opened, a hysteroscope is passed into the uterus through the cervix.
3. To expand the uterus, carbon dioxide gas or any other liquid solution is passed through the hysteroscope that reaches into the uterus.
4. Since hysteroscope has the camera attached to it, the clear pictures of the uterus are sent to the monitor and your doctor can take actions according to that.

The complete process of hysteroscopy can be done in just 5 minutes or sometimes, it might take up to an hour.

Risk Associated with Hysteroscopy

Some of you would be wondering about “is Hysteroscopy painful”? Well, there are certain risks attached with hysteroscopy but they have the least chance or say 1 percent chance of their showing up. Some of the risks

associated with this procedure are listed below:

1. You might get a problem from the anesthesia.
2. Nearby organs might get affected.
3. Damage to the cervix
4. Complications due to gas usage.

The occurrence of these complications are very rare and the process of hysteroscopy has turned out to be quite successful.

What To Expect After Hysteroscopy?

Once the process is done, you can expect some sort of pain like cramps. Before you leave for your homes, make sure that you are not under the influence of anesthesia. You can also feel like you are sick or about to faint. That’s is not unusual. Above that, if heavy bleeding still occurs in your body, make sure to consult it with your doctor.

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