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Safe Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

An obstetrician Dr Renu Kapur, (a member of Indian Medical Association (IMA), Delhi Medical council (DMA) & Noida obstt. & Gynaecologist association (NOGS).) spends much of her time advising women on how to optimize their health before, during, and after pregnancy to prevent low birth weight and other problems. Here are Some tips from Dr. Renu to help you ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

1. Choose the right time to become pregnant
2. Eat right
3. Get your vitamins
4. Stay hydrated
5. Proper prenatal care
6. Avoid Raw and unpasteurized animal products
7. Don’t drink alcohol
8. Don’t smoke
9. Get moving
10. Get a flu shot
11. Get plenty of sleep
12. Reduce stress

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