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Pregnancy with Hepatitis E

Hepatitis E infection has been a major concern in pregnant women and all this is due to its fulminant nature & increased mortality rates in pregnant females in comparison with the non-pregnant females and males. Despite around 60 years of its invention, the cause of a fulminant type of hepatitis E in pregnancy continues as a mystery. Low body weight, anaemia, and other nutritional deficiencies put pregnant women at greater risk of getting hepatitis E, a disease that is particularly dangerous for expecting mothers in developing countries.

Hepatitis E virus typically causes an acute, self-limiting sickness similar to other acute viral hepatitis, such as hepatitis A or B, with about 0.2% to 1% mortality rate in the general population. However, the development of hepatitis E in pregnancy is distinct than the mild self‐constraining infection reported in the rest of the populations. During pregnancy, HEV infection can take a

1. Fulminant course
2. Resulting in fulminant hepatic failure
3. Membrane rupture, spontaneous abortions
4. Stillbirths.

If you experience any signs or symptoms, then the primary need for the hour is to visit your doctor immediately. Dr. Renu Kapur, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, of Noida hold more than 14 years of experience in treating patients. She listens to all the details very carefully and always advises the best treatment. Her priority has always been to take care of her patients

Pregnancy with Hepatitis E

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