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Pregnancy pigmentation or skin darkening


1) Chloasma- It is dark irregular patches on face mainly upper cheek, nose, lips and forehead
2) Darkening of nipples and area around them and neck also go darker
3) Pigmentation of skin may appear in areas where skin rubs against each other like underarms, inner thigh
4) Birthmarks, moles, freckles may also darken.
5) Sometime women develop a dark line down the middle of their stomach called as Linea Nigra

Incidence- 50.8 % of pregnancy has problem of pigmentation, it may recur in second and subsequent pregnancy Causes –
1. Estrogen and progesterone hormone activate melanocyte cells of the skin, which are melanin producing cells of the body, so increase in melanin makes the skin dark
2. If you have or had hyperthyroid.
3. Exposure to sun UV light for long duration

1. Reassurance that these changes will gradually fade after baby is born
2. Maintain healthy skin care routine that is cleaning, toning, moisturizing routinely
3. Get enough folic acid
4. If you expose to sun during pregnancy then use sunscreen or keep your skin wrap (neck, face).
5. Don’t wax
6. Drink plenty of fluids
7. Eat healthy

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Pregnancy pigmentation or skin darkening

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