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Itching During Pregnancy

1.Mild itching-mild itching is normal and very common in pregnancy due to increase blood supply to skin

Treatment- Moisturizing skin
Wearing loose and cotton clothes (for skin Aeration)

2.Itching due to cholestasis of pregnancy-
It causes Intense itching without rash, itching Usually occurs over palm, hand and feet Get worst at night starts around 30 weeks or third trimester of pregnancy CAUSE- Deranged liver enzymes with increase bile acid
Treatment- Get LFT (liver function test done)
Medicine – such as ursodeoxycholic acid
Mainly help in reducing bile acid

3.PUPPP- Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of Pregnancy These are itchy rash that appears in the stretch marks of the stomach during late Pregnancy, the rash appears as small, pink pimple like spot within the stretch mark .They closely resemble hives, eventually the rash may start to come together and form large plaque like areas

Risk factors- first pregnancy, Multiple pregnancy, Maternal hypertension Rapid or higher than usual wait gain
Treatment- Itching relieving moisturisers

Tropical steroid cream containing 1% hydrocortisone, Antihistamines, Itching relieving bath
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