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Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy is broadly classified into –
1.Antenatal exercise
2.Postnatal exercise i.e after the birth of the baby

If you have never exercised regularly before, you can safely begin exercise program during pregnancy after consulting doctor
1.At least 30 min of moderate intensity exercise is recommended
2.Walking and household chors are considered safe initiative because it doesn’t strain your joints and muscle. It avoid problem of acidity which usually a common symptom during pregnancy and also minimize weight gain or decreased risk of gestational induced diabetes.
3.Yoga is recommended because it increases flexibility and strengthening of muscles.
4.Other exercises required are-

• Child pose
• Squats or deep squats which help to lengthen the pelvic floor and Stretch the perineum.
• Quadruped cat/cow- ease discomfort and decrease the lower back.
• Perineal bulge- help in pushing without holding breath
• Butterfly exercise.
• Bridging exercise and breathing exercise

Contraindication to exercise in pregnancy-
• Abdominal or pelvic pain
• Vaginal bleeding
• Headache and sudden swelling on ankle or joint.

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Exercise During Pregnancy Exercise During Pregnancy

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