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Ectopic Pregnancy

An Ectopic Pregnancy occurs when the fertilized eggs lands outside the uterus instead of attaching itself to the inside part, It can also occur in Cervical. Cervical ectopic pregnancy is a very rare type of pregnancy that accounts for less than 1 percent. If left untreated, this problem can be life-threatening.

Risk Factors For Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy

There are many risk factors that are associated with this type of complication.

● If the age of mother is 35 years or more.
● History of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.
● Smoking Cigarettes
● History of Use of Associated Reproductive Technology.
● Consumption of Alcohol frequently can lead to this problem.

Signs and Symptoms For Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy

● Pain in Pelvic area or abdominal area
● Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding.
● Fatigue and Dizziness are other common symptoms.
● Shoulder Pain
● Low-Blood Sugar Pressure.

If you feel or suspect these signs and symptoms, the need for the hour is to visit your doctor immediately. There are other surgical treatments available to diagnose this problem. Dr, Renu Kapur holds 14 years of experience as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. She attentively listens and advises the best treatment. Her priority has always been to take care of her patients. Call on: 9871163664

Ectopic Pregnancy Ectopic Pregnancy

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