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Diet Modification for Nausea in Early Pregnancy

Today, we are sharing some diet modification tips for nausea in early pregnancy. These tips were suggested by the renowned gynecologist of Noida, Dr. Renu Kapur.

Diet Modification for Nausea in Early Pregnancy

• Eat a small meal or snack every 2 hours instead of three large meals. By doing this, you might also stop nausea because you will not feel hungry any longer.
• Before going to sleep, eat a small snack at night. This may help in stopping nausea after you wake up in the morning.
• Chew and swallow your foods slowly.
• Try to consume cold and dry foods, like cereal, crackers, or toast.
• Drink most of your beverages between your meals. Try to drink eight glasses of drinks every day.
• Pure (100%) fruit juice or lemonade may additionally assist your nausea.
• Do not consume alcohol or drinks that contain caffeine, such as soda, coffee, or black tea.
• If you are nauseated in the morning, consume 2 to3 saltine crackers or a slice of dry toast before stepping out of your bed.
• Avoid meals that have a sturdy smell. Or you can ask someone to prepare your dinner if smells bother you.
• Do not consume high-fat foods, like fried foods, gravies, heavy sauces, or wealthy desserts.
• Lie down after ingesting with your head rose on 1 or 2 pillows.
• Spend time outside to get some fresh air. You may sense higher if you do not feel too warm both inside and outside of your house.

Diet Modification for Nausea in Early Pregnancy

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